ON SALE - Pre-Order for Green Eyed Ornate Wolf Blanket

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The Green Eyed 'Ornate Wolf' is now available to pre-order as a woven blanket.  Here's a photo of the 'Wise Owl' turned into a blanket as well, to give you an idea of what it will look like!
  • These blankets are Super Soft and Cozy!
  • They are 100% Cotton & Machine Washable.  
  • They are 6ft 5" by 4ft 2", (78 Inches by 50.4 inches or 198cm by 128cm).
       It'll take about 6 weeks for me to get the bulk order so please be patient, but they are worth the wait! I'll post each order out as soon as I receive the blankets myself. :-) Regards - Samuel

P.S If you want a specific piece of my artwork turned into a blanket, let me know and I'll have it made for you!